2017 Sparkling Brut Rosé

Sparkling Brut Rosé

Sonoma Coast

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Sparkling Rosé made in the MacRostie tradition of producing stunning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from renowned winegrowing sites.


  • Tasting Notes
    The 2017 Brut Rosé has a pale sunset color with aromas of apricot, jasmine, and raspberry. The palate is soft and rich, with the mousse lightly tickling the tongue. The elegant balance of subtle fruit aromas and a smooth palate texture creates a luxurious and alluring Sparkling Rosé.
  • Wine Origin
    In 2016, based on the MacRostie Winery tradition of making stunning Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, we decided that we should use the varietals we know and love to make a sparkling wine. For this special wine, our Winemaker Heidi Bridenhagen chose to create a cuvée with half Pinot Noir and half Chardonnay. Bringing together Chardonnay from Sangiacomo Vineyards (the first vineyard we ever worked with) and Pinot Noir from own Thale’s Estate Vineyard.
  • Production Notes
    TIn 2017, the growing season was temperate and consistent. I allowed the fruit for this sparkling wine to develop slightly longer on the vine to give the cuvée a bit of extra depth and complexity. 56% of the cuvée was from Sangiacomo’s Kiser B Chardonnay, harvested on August 31st, 2017 at 20.9º Brix and 44% was from Thale’s Vineyard Block F1 and F2 Pinot Noir harvested on August 21st, 2017.
  • Winemaker Notes
    Creating the Cuvée: Each block was picked on a different day and three press cuts were made for each. One at 130gal/ton, another 20gal/ton and the heavy press at 30gal/ton. Keeping the press fractions separate allows me to choose the ideal amount of tannin and acid for the final blend. Fermentation took place in tank at a cool 65º F to preserve fruit aromatics. When fermentation was complete the wine was barreled down and aged in 3-year-old French barrels to allow the wines to breath, but not imparting any toast aromas. The blend was assembled in 2017, with approximately 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. Tirage: In March of 2017 the cuvée was put into bottle with yeast, sugar and riddling aid, which is call the Liquer de tirage, then sealed with a crown cap. A secondary fermentation occured where the CO2 produced was trapped in the bottle to produce the bubbles we know and love. The wine was the aged in bottle en tirage for 30 months, almost three years! This allowed the wine to develop the unique flavors and aromas found in the final Brut Rosé, many of which are a function of yeast autolysis and aging. Riddling: In August of 2019 after 30 months 'en tirage' our bottles were riddled. This removes the yeast from the bottom and sides of the bottled and moves it into the neck of the bottle by slowly rotating and increasing the angle of the bottles. This occurred the week before disgorging. Disgorging: In September of 2019 when our bottles had finished being riddled we disgorged. Disgorging is the removal of the sediment in the neck and the addition of dosage to each bottle. Dosage is where we adjust the sweetness and flavor of the wine slightly, and it also allows us to bring he bottles to proper fill level. Dosage: 8mLs of Blanc de Blanc Liqueur d’Expedition (LEX @ 55Brix) per bottle 4mLs of 2017 Rued Clone Chardonnay per bottle 12mLs of 2017 Pinot Noir per bottle