2016 Sparkling Brut

Sparkling Brut

Sonoma Coast

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Sparkling wine made in the MacRostie tradition of producing stunning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from renowned winegrowing sites.


  • Tasting Notes
    The 2016 Brut has a developed and mature aroma profile of brioche and yellow apple. The palate has crisp acidity that is enhanced by the mousse. Flavors of fresh lemon citrus and fresh pear that finish with a creamy rich sensation.
  • Wine Origin
    In 2016 we decided in MacRostie Winery tradition of making stunning Pinot Noir and Chardonnays that we should use the varietals we know and love to make a sparkling wine. Winemaker chose to create a cuvee with half pinot noir and half chardonnay. Bringing together Chardonnay from Sangiacomo Vineyards an homage to our first vintage being from those vineyards and Pinot Noir from Thale’s Vineyard, our new home and Estate Vineyard.
  • Production Notes
    The 2016 vintage started out with an early budbreak followed by a warm growing season. Grapes picked for sparkling wines come in earlier with low sugars and high acids. Thale’s Vineyard has a small block on the east hillside that was farmed specifically for sparkling wine that led to developed red fruit flavors early and was picked August 12th at 20Brix. Kiser Ranch from Sangiacomo was picked August 22nd, 2016 with crisp flavors at 17.5Brix.
  • Winemaker Notes
    Creating the Cuvée: Each block was picked on a different day and three press cuts were made for each. Keeping the press fractions separate allows me to choose the amount of tannin and acid for the final blend to have. Fermentation took place in tank at a cool 65F to preserve fruit aromatics. When fermentation was complete the wine was barreled down and aged in 3YO French Barrels to allow the wines to breath but not imparting any toast aromas. In the new year of 2017 the blend was assembled, close to 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot noir. Tirage: In March of 2017 the cuvée wass put into bottle with yeast, sugar and riddling aid, which is call the Liquer de tirage, then sealed with a crown cap. A secondary fermentation occurs where the CO2 produced is trapped in the bottle to produce the bubbles we all know and love. Our wine was aged in bottle entirage for 30months, almost three years! This is where the wine develops the unique flavors and aromas found in the final Sparkling Wine Brut. Many of the aromas are a function of yeast autolysis and aging. This usually starts six months after the completion of the secondary fermentation. Riddling: In August of 2019 after about 30months entirage our bottles were riddled. This is to move the yeast from the bottom and sides of the bottled and to get it into the neck of the bottle. You slowly rotate and increase the angle of the bottle to get the yeast to get to the neck. This occurred the week before disgorging. Disgorging: In September of 2019 when our bottles had finished being riddled we were ready to disgorge. Disgorging is the removal of the sediment in the neck and the addition of dosage to each bottle. The dosage is where you can adjust the sweetness and flavor of the wine slightly and also allows you to bring your bottles to proper fill level.